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I've been an HR professional for over 20 years, having worked in a variety of industries and companies facing rapid changes. I’ve helped leaders of people develop as part of my HR work in all of my roles.  Managers of people in each organization I’ve worked for faced similar challenges around their development as leaders ranging from needing simple tactics for smooth interpersonal interactions to resolving long-standing conflict between departments run by separate people.  

Over my career I’ve learned that people can change their perspective by changing their behaviors.  Even small, seemingly inconsequential behaviors add up into who you are as a leader; conscientiously changing these behaviors positively changes outcomes, leading to development, progress, and personal growth.

I’m building on my real-life acquired coaching skills through formal coaching training designed to integrate International Coaching Federation Core Competencies and Ethics into my coaching practice.  I’m on the path of pursuing certification by that organization and believe that coaching with these formal guidelines in place is poised to grow exponentially through its potentially immense impact on how people lead and change the world.
“People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously.”
Eleanor Roosevelt
We’ll start where you are using your own goals or building on feedback you’ve gotten, or we’ll help you gather information to determine how you embark on your development process.  We’ll strategize tactics and behaviors to deploy over time and in real life that will build you into the leader you want to be.  

We can also use tools such as the Lominger Leadership Architect library of competencies or the Leadership Agility 360 survey by ChangeWise to identify developmental areas and help plan your path.  Both tools are backed by extensive and rigorous research and are applicable to any industry.  These tools support the steps and time it takes to identify and change your behaviors as well as your perspective on yourself as a leader.  

Healthy, outcome-focused leadership develops people into excellent employees who take that perspective home to their families and communities.  I believe good leadership at work influences positive and healthy relationships throughout the lives of all the people it touches.  It’s important, whenever helping to guide a person in development, to meet them where they’re at; as such, I use the client’s own goals and build on feedback they’ve gotten to determine the best course to plot for their development process.  We’ll strategize tactics and behaviors to deploy over time that will increase your organizational effectiveness and build you into the leader you want to be.  

I'm a Certified Master Coach and I adhere to the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics. I'm on the path to earning the ACC certification and I am a member of ICF.
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