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One on One Leadership coaching

Through a series of regular one on one sessions, we’ll work together to identify your important leadership competencies and strategies. Based on these insights, clients will gain an increased understanding of how to most effectively implement plans & new behaviors. More broadly, we will work to develop the leadership style that drives your achievement and helps you reach your goals. I can work directly with individuals planning their own development or with companies identifying employees they’d like to invest in.
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Basic Coaching Skills Workshop

I can facilitate group sessions to help your company’s managers of people develop basic coaching skills so they can develop and empower your employees more effectively.
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Managing Former Peers Workshop

In these group sessions the aim is to support employees promoted into supervisory roles over people they’ve worked with as peers. These sessions uncover perspectives and techniques to overcome unique challenges facing recently promoted supervisors as well as build a self-sustaining cohort of your managers of people.
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Leadership Agility Workshop

These group sessions are designed to help your organization more fully understand the concept of Leadership Agility through guided practice for pivotal conversations. For senior management, it also will provide understanding of relevant opportunities to deploy different agility levels in your company’s leadership team.
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Mission Statement Workshop

More and more, organizations are looking to get a diverse workforce aligned and focused on the same common goals. This inclusive and collaborative group session aims to produce a well-formed draft of a mission statement by a group within your company (i.e. a team, department, or division) and provide a strong basis from which to move forward as a group.
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Leadership Agility 360

This process, provided in partnership with ChangeWise, provides a 360 assessment (from all perspectives; their manager, their reports, and their peers) designed to identify a leader’s progression through the research-backed continuum of Leadership Agility. Additionally, this training will identify and illustrate areas to develop for further progression. This survey can be administered on its own or can be coupled with One-on-One coaching to support further development.
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