Tobin Winters

Within minutes of talking to Sue when I first met her, I realized she had the ability to quickly size people up, ask those important, probing questions and move professional development forward. She very quickly identified what was important to me as a person and specifically identified skills to develop which we continued to discuss in future sessions. Sue is very intuitive and it is obviously her passion to help leaders develop and make great change. When coming to Sue with challenges, she would push for my input and how I would handle it, always looking to mentor and have me get something out of the situation. She is a great coach and taught me a lot about leadership and being a good person.

Tobin Winters

Rachana Mukherjee

During our time together at Mi9 Retail, I came to increasingly rely on Sue for advice on many challenging issues, which included team morale, retention, staff development etc,. I am truly grateful for the support and insight she offered as it shaped the direction and dynamics within my team and the company as a whole. Sue always had an open door and helped me navigate difficult situations by offering practical advice and perspectives that I would not have had on my own. What sets Sue apart is a true desire to help people. I know I will rely on Sue’s advice for important professional and personal matters in the future.

Rachana Mukherjee

Steve Chupack

I have worked with and known Sue for years. She is passionate about fostering a management style and culture that pays real dividends for all members of an organization. It would be hard to find many people in Vermont (or anywhere) with more experience in all aspects of human resources. I've done some individual coaching with Sue and she's excellent - always patient, understanding and quick to smile without being coddling. Finally, the advice and information I received from her was spot-on and directly helped me further my career goals.

Steve Chupack


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